2020 CIDER Summer Program

June/July 2020
This summer program focuses on the evolution of physical and chemical conditions that allowed life to gain a foothold. This broad program will cover the details of planetary formation and the subsequent evolution of this initial state through the early Earth and through the onset of plate tectonics. At each stage, we explore the interplay between Earth’s surface environment and the evolution of the interior. Lectures and tutorials will be organized around four topical subdivisions: planetary formation and interiors, surfaces and their habitability, atmospheres and climate, and planetary processes and observations (including exoplanets). The organizers and program committee can be found at https://deep-earth.org/summer20 The program features a 4 week tutorial and research program for about 40 advanced graduate students and postdocs. We also welcome scientists at assistant professor/researcher level (and higher) to participate in any part of the program, with a minimum commitment of 2 weeks. The summer program will be held on the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara. It is supported by the NSF/CSEDI program.
Look at the meeting page for more information: https://www.deep-earth.org/summer20
University of California, Santa Barbara