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Carbon-boron clathrates as a new class of sp3-bonded framework materials

AUTHORS: Li Zhu, Gustav M. Borstad, Hanyu Liu, Piotr A. Guńka, Michael Guerette, Juli-Anna Dolyniuk, Yue, Meng,Eran Greenberg, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Brian L. Chaloux, Albert Epshteyn, Ronald E. Cohen, Timothy A. Strobel DATE: 10 Jan 2020 ABSTRACT: Carbon-based frameworks composed of sp3 bonding represent a class of extremely lightweight strong materials, but only diamond and a […]

Modulating the H-bond strength by varying the temperature for the high pressure synthesis of nitrogen rich carbon nanothreads

AUTHORS: Samuele Fanetti, OMario Santoro, Frederico Alabarse, Berretti Enrico, Roberto Bini JOURNAL: Nanoscale DATE: 10 Febuary 2020 READ MORE:!divAbstract ABSTRACT: Carbon nanothreads are among the most attractive new materials produced under high pressure conditions. Their synthesis can be achieved by compressing the crystals of aromatic molecules exploiting both the anisotropic stress produced by the […]