Multiple Postdoctoral Positions

Where: Peking University, China

Expires: 15 March 2020

We are hiring 3-4 postdocs at Professor Lifei Zhang’s (张立飞) group at School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University (PKU). Anyone interested in Earth’s deep carbon cycle, particularly carbon behavior in subduction zones, is welcome to apply. We encourage applicants to apply for Peking University Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship. In addition, project-sponsored postdoctoral associate positions are available in our group. 
The Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship, initiated by Peking University in 2016, aims at drawing prospective young talents all over the world to conduct postdoctoral research and pursue academic excellence at Peking University, Beijing, China. In the academic year of 2020, no more than 200 postdoctoral fellowships will be awarded to highly qualified, early-career postdoctoral researchers. Each Fellowship is awarded for 24 consecutive months. Each Fellowship includes annual salary of 185,000 RMB, social insurances and housing subsidies, etc 91,000 RMB, and 60,000 RMB subsidy for postdocs with no postdoc flats (normally we provide). Postdoctoral Supervisors at Peking University may offer extra subsidy based on the applicants’ academic potential and excellence, and performance. For more information, please visit: in English or in Chinese.
Project-sponsored postdoctoral associate is based on a coming 5 years’ project on Earth’s deep carbon cycle in subduction zones. The geological carbon cycle plays a fundamental role in Earth’s climate habitability. A subducting slab at convergent margin sequesters carbon from Earth’s surface. A fraction of subducted carbon is transported to Earth’s deeper interior where it may reside for hundreds of millions of years, and the rest is recycled via metamorphic devolatilization and returns to shallow reservoirs. The ascending C-O-H fluid from the slab can be re-captured and stored in an overriding lithologic unit in the slab and forearc or sub-arc mantle via carbonation reactions. The timing and extents of these carbonation and decarbonation reactions remain poorly constrained, which results in large uncertainties of carbon flux estimation in subduction zones. 
In PKU, we will provide you a platform for integrating interdisciplinary studies to focus the efforts of metamorphic community on answering the key questions of subduction tectonics regulating Earth’s long-term carbon budget. We look for contributions to: carbon-related metamorphic reaction and fluid pathways in natural rocks; geochemical analyses fingerprinting the source and nature of high-pressure geofluids; experimental investigation of fluid-rock interactions; and numerical models that expand the experimental and petrological observations to a greater spatiotemporal scale.
The eligibility and evaluation criteria of project-sponsored postdoctoral associate is similar with Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship.  If you have any interest, please contact Dr. Renbiao Tao at [email protected] with a brief CV for further information.

Deadline :15 March 2020